Queensway Carleton Hospital Picks Capital Networks for Digital Signage Network

After a tour of the Capital Networks digital signage installation at Humber River Hospital in 2016, Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa, ON engaged with Capital Networks to deploy a network of patient room sign monitors in their hospital.

The original deployment was a network of 30 individual patient room sign monitors, with each screen mounted outside of a patient room. These screens interface with the hospital EMR and display the risks and precautions associated with the patient(s) in the room. Once the hospital staff gained confidence that these screens were updated in real-time (as accurate as the EMR data) they became a valuable resource.

A component of the hospitals IPAC plan, these screens display iconology to indicate (amongst other things) if doctors/nurses should wear gloves, masks, face shields, etc. before entering the room.

The original project was undertaken as part of a renovation to an Advanced Care for the Elderly unit of the hospital. This deployment proved a success and in the summer of 2019 they launched a second expansion of 34 units in the hospital. This expansion not only included individual patient room monitors but also ward (4 person) and double occupancy rooms.

Plans are in place to expand again with a Phase Three project – proving that retrofitting technology in the hospital environment is a practical solution.

Other digital signage solutions popular with healthcare facilities include:

  1. Large scale donor recognition boards welcome guests and celebrate key contributors.
  2. Wayfinding and directory displays assist and calm visitors and reduce staff interruption.
  3. Waiting room displays with live video pass through and wraparound content both entertain and inform, reducing perceived wait times.
  4. Visitors and patients are able to view and download information displayed on waiting room and patient room screens on their mobile device using NFC technology.

For more information regarding the Queensway Carleton Hospital installation or to discuss your next project, please contact:

Jim Vair / President

905-946-1122 x231



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