Audience™ CMS

The importance of the content management system

While the display is the most visible part of the digital signage system, the content management system (CMS) is the most essential component of any successful digital signage deployment.

Basically, a digital signage CMS is a software application that controls digital signage content across one or more displays,  allowing you to schedule, customize, monitor and troubleshoot content across a digital signage network.

While many CMS providers do somewhat similar things when it comes to the basics above, the Audience™ platform is quite simply unmatched in the industry when it comes to flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

flexible. scalable. efficient.

Capital Networks creates, maintains and supports the highly reliable and cost-effective content management system, Audience™.

Agnostic by design, our commitment to reinvest and innovate our platform has ensured that both new and existing customers continue to keep their solutions current with the latest trends within the digital signage industry, while providing the opportunity for easy and efficient expansion as new projects arise.

Capital Networks provides the greatest deployment flexibility to our customers by developing solutions to work with a wide variety of hardware options. The flexibility of supporting multiple hardware solutions provides customers the opportunity to select appropriate hardware for different applications.

display devices

Partnered with all of the industries leading screen manufacturers, the Audience™ CMS platform supports a wide variety of display screens and monitors for any digital signage application. Options include LCD, small format LCD, large format LED, direct view LED, video walls, interactive, desktop, mobile, e-paper, transparent, outdoor rated and high-brightness screens.

Media Players

Similar to the display devises, there are several different media player devices supported within the Audience™ platform. We have solutions that utilize MS Windows media players, Android OS media players, Chrome OS and BrightSign media players, as well as approved external media player options offered by Advantech, IAdea, iBase and VIA Technologies.

SoC (System on Chip)

A growing trend in new digital signage deployments is to use Commercial System-on-Chip display devices. These display devices have a built-in media player as part of the monitor components, removing the need for an external media player. The Audience™ platform is certified on various System-on-Chip displays offered by leading SoC manufacturers including Philips, Sharp and Sony.

cloud-based or on-premise configurations

Capital Networks supports both Cloud-Based (Hosted) and On-Premise (Enterprise) deployment options, and on several occasions, has assisted customers transition from one to the other. We'd be more than happy to discuss the benefits of both and review which option is best suited to your next project.

3rd Party integration

Audience™ has a well proven history of successfully automating content from numerous 3rd party information sources. Incorporating schedules and room assignments is a common deployment function of our deployments. In addition to automating information from MS Exchange/Outlook, Capital Networks has experience automating content from facility management software (ActiveNet, PerfectMind), Google calendars, and event and hospitality management software (Delphi).

Capital Networks encourages customers to explore a variety of hardware solutions and information sources to achieve their digital signage communications goals. Contact us to discuss which options are best suited to your project.