campus communications

Digital Signage allows schools to easily place critical and time-sensitive information before students, faculty and other members of the school community.

Our solutions enable universities, colleges and high schools to improve communications across single and multi-site campuses as well as within individual faculties or departments.

Not surprisingly, digital signage is being used in schools as an essential component of emergency notification systems. Centrally controlled displays offer an effective way to alert students and staff of a potentially dangerous situation by allowing individual departmental screens to be controlled from one source when needed.  

Enhancing Communication on Campus

  • Health and Safety Updates
  • Emergency Notification
  • Faculty and Student News
  • Wayfinding and Room Schedules
  • Transit Schedules
  • Donor Recognition
  • Alumni Communication
  • Sports Scores and Schedules
  • Upcoming Events
  • Integration of School Social Media

flexible. scalable. efficient.

Our highly scalable solutions offer schools of all sizes the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as the campus continues to grow.