Meeting Room Displays

digital booking solution

Our digital meeting room displays provide instant confirmation regarding the availability of individual rooms throughout your facility. Easily updated and booked using existing Google Calendar or Outlook accounts means there’s little training and no proprietary programming required.

Current and upcoming room status can be displayed alongside an assortment of corporate branding, messaging, live data feeds and more. A library of layouts and looks are available to choose from with custom designs available upon request

More than a simple Schedule Screen:

  • Individual room information can be shared across a network of displays throughout the facility.
  • Works with a variety of players and displays including Windows, Android and System on Chip (SOC) solutions.
  • Access schedules and book rooms using mobile devices.
  • Override previously scheduled content with alerts during an emergency.
  • Default content can be automatically displayed when no events are scheduled.
  • Current room status can be triggered to display using sensor/camera detection.
  • Hosted and Enterprise solutions available.

meeting room display bundle

Companies of all sizes require a fast and efficient solution when it comes to booking and tracking activity in meeting rooms that are often scattered throughout the facility.

Provide individual meeting room status as well as a large format summary of all room activity within the location with our multi-screen bundle.

bundle includes:

5 Small Format Screens (individual room displays)
1 Large Format Screen (lobby or common area display)
*With the ability to expand to up to 15 screens


Many of our clients start with a simple meeting room solution but quickly expand to a more immersive digital experience as the communication needs of their organization grow.