retail environments

Purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale and digital displays capture more views than static signs with a recall rate significantly higher than traditional media.

Capital Networks has a long history in the retail sector providing powerful and flexible digital signage solutions to retailers looking to promote products and services while enhancing the customer experience.

Able to display company wide or location specific information, our solutions support a wide range of retail applications including brand reinforcement, marketing promos, wayfinding and product and service information.

Increasing Sales with digital signage

  • Enhances customer experience
  • Influences customer behavior in their purchasing decisions
  • Increases impulse purchases
  • Provides greater recall and retention of information
  • Reduces both real and perceived wait times
  • Gets more attention with motion graphics and video
  • Promotes brands and facilitates up-sell and promotion of special items
  • Create loyalty by providing a unique customer experience leading to return visits
  • Improve customer service by providing relevant information when customers need it
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Entice customers with improved store aesthetics
  • Keep customers in your establishment longer
  • Increases overall sales


Our highly scalable solutions offer retailers the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as new opportunities arise.