Hospitals and
healthcare facilities

Digital Signage is playing a major role in the modernization of information distribution in hospitals and other healthcare facilities enhancing the experience and well-being of patients, visitors and staff alike.

Hospitals, clinics and long term care facilities benefit from timely information distributed throughout the entire facility or within individual departments using multiple communication channels and displays controlled by one centralized source.

Up-to-the-minute health and safety information

  • Public and private facing screens alert patients, visitors and staff of coded emergency situations.
  • Keep patients, vistors and staff informed of current facility procedures and restrictions.
  • Patient room screens automatically updated by the electronic medical records system inform visitors and staff of patient status prior to entering patient room.
  • Way-finding and directory displays assist and calm visitors and reduce staff interruption.
  • Employee facing screens keep staff informed and engaged with latest facility updates.
  • Waiting room displays with live video pass through and wraparound content keep visitors informed and entertained, reducing perceived wait times.
  • Large scale donor recognition boards celebrate key contributors and promote current campaigns.


Our highly scalable solutions offer healthcare facilities the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as needs arise.