Donor Recognition Display
Donor Recognition Display

Increases Impact And Flexibility

As part of a successful fundraising strategy, a donor recognition display visibly expresses gratitude to existing donors and motivates potential donors towards action. Introducing a digital donor recognition solution adds an attention-grabbing element that greatly increases the impact and flexibility.

There are many challenges associated with creating the right donor recognition solution for your organization. Incorporating a dynamic digital solution can address many of them.



Consider these key benefits:


  • Dynamic digital displays allow you to cycle through donors, so there is less physical space required to recognize entire donor lists.


  • Rather than being costly and time consuming, changes and updates are as simple as logging into a website and filling out a form.
  • New donors can be recognized immediately and existing donors can be moved to a new giving level with a click of a mouse, acknowledging cumulative donations.
  • Rebranded corporate sponsors can have their new identity reflected quickly and easy to use templates provide a consistently attractive look and feel.



  • Intelligent scheduling creates a constantly changing presentation with very little day to day management, inviting viewers to take another look each time they visit.
  • Complement the list of donors with donor impact stories or introduce new fundraising campaigns using text, photos or videos for a dynamic presentation.
  • Create a special moment for a visiting donor with a personalized thank you message.
  • Incorporate the digital signage into a cheque presentation ceremony with custom content for that event, and then share the moment by replaying videos or photos of the ceremony on the same screen.
  • Fundraising campaigns and goals can be highlighted using real-time data to illustrate progress and include an urgent call to action exactly when it is most needed.


  • Interactive displays invite the public to learn more and explore.
  • Donors can easily call up their names and profiles.
  • Potential donors can learn about the impact donations make in the community.
  • Donor relationship managers can bring up unique content on demand, highlighting a specific story or donor during a tour or presentation.
  • Every message displayed on screen is logged, so that you can track and measure the activity of the screen.
  • Mobile integration offers a hands-free experience enabling viewers to use their own mobile devices to interact with the display and receive information relevant to the current content.

From a single screen to an immersive digital experience there are options for every organization and environment.