Featured Solutions

Been there. done that.

Solo screens to large networks. Single zone displays to intricate designs. Indoor and outdoor and everything in between.
You name the digital signage application and we can probably provide you an example of one we’ve done.
Our solutions are not mutually exclusive of one another, meaning that our clients have the ability to use one or all of them within a single network, all managed by the same backend software.
Here are a few favourites we think you’ll like.

access control displays

Rules and regulations change fast.

Our real-time access control solution counts people and automates content controlling traffic in your environment based on current local restrictions.

room status monitors

Our digital room status solution provides automated critical information to visitors and staff within healthcare facilities regarding the health and safety status of individual patient rooms. 

mobile engagement

Our mobile engagement solutions afford viewers touch-free interaction with content displayed on digital signage and allows them to literally walk away with information downloaded to their mobile device. 

staff information boards

Sometimes, not everybody needs to know.

Our staff information solutions allow corporations to display essential back-of-house information to employees in conjunction with public facing displays, all managed from the same centralized source.

meeting room displays

The return to the boardroom is coming.

From corporate offices to conference halls, communicating who is where and when has taken on a whole new meaning and our digital room scheduling options provide easy and efficient booking and confirmation. 

Donor boards

Tired of all the effort that goes into updating outdated information on traditional donor boards? Yes, you are.

Upgrading to digital will not only improve efficiency and effectiveness but will enhance the viewer experience and boost results. We promise.