Room Status Monitors

critical information displays

Our room status monitors provide an at-a-glance summary of the real-time status of rooms that are not accessible to public view.

The RSM presents staff, residents and visitors with pertinent information about the current occupancy of a room behind a closed door, along with recommended precautions for any potential hazards.

The 22” screen size makes it perfect for mounting beside doorways to keep clear instructions front and center and in line of sight.

Suitable for research facilities, hospitals, long term care facilities or any environment that would benefit from delivering actionable safety information to staff, residents or visitors.

provide pertinent information in real-time

  • Provides timely and relevant messaging to staff and visitors.
  • Easy remote management: add corporate communications, health and safety messaging, staff schedules and other important reminders.
  • Supports integration with existing systems to share appropriate real-time information from booking calendars, room records and electronic medical records.
  • Icons provide clear visual indicators for potential dangers and precautions.
  • Broadcast real-time emergency alerts via existing facility systems or physical triggers.


Our highly scalable solutions offer healthcare facilities the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as needs arise.