corporate communications

From large global corporations to smaller multi-department businesses, digital signage performs a wide range of duties including health and safety messaging, staff motivation, corporate policy updates, visitor welcoming and emergency alerts.

Our digital signage solutions are designed to be highly flexible allowing corporations to deploy a variety of screen types serving a wide range of purposes throughout the workplace.

From large lobby boards to small meeting room displays, content can be shown within individual departments or floors while maintaining the ability to post network wide from one central location.

Enhancing Communication in the Workplace

  • Health and Safety Updates
  • Emergency Preparedness and Alerts
  • Enhanced Corporate Branding
  • Product and Service Promotion
  • Employee Recognition
  • Visitor Recognition
  • Facility Maps and Directories
  • Meeting Room Schedules
  • Event Announcements
  • Integration of Corporate Social Media
  • News Updates via Live Data

flexible. scalable. efficient.

Our highly scalable solutions offer corporations the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as the company continues to grow.