Staff Information Boards

internal communication

One benefit of digital signage in the workplace that should
not be overlooked is the ability to provide staff with
important information not necessarily meant for public

Digital displays in employee only areas keep staff up to date on new policies, procedures, goals and objectives while
reinforcing morale with good news and corporate success

Front and back of house displays are easily controlled with our centrally managed solution.

Using simple web-based templates for content submission, users at individual locations can share control with corporate-wide contributors to ensure relevant and timely local information is always on display while maintaining consistent corporate messaging and branding across the network.

Enhance Communication in the workplace

  • Facility health and safety guidelines
  • Emergency Alerts (staff facing only)
  • Staffing and shift schedules
  • Key facts/tasks of the day
  • Notification of upcoming events
  • Welcome new employees
  • Celebrate staff success/milestones
  • Corporate advancement opportunities
  • Staff documents available for download to mobile device

flexible. scalable. efficient.

From meeting room displays to lobby greeter boards, our highly scalable solutions offer businesses the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as properties grow and the need for controlled communication increases.