Capital Networks Wins 2014 DIGI Award for Mobile Engagement Product

Digital Signage Magazine has announced the winners of its 2014 DIGI Awards, recognizing the best new products for the digital signage market, with, the integrated Dynamic NFC (Near Field Communication) solution submitted by Capital Networks Limited, winning the Best New Audience Participation Tool award.

“As Chair of the Judges Committee for the DIGI Awards, I want to congratulate all the Winners of 2014 DIGI Awards. Each year, it seems, the judges have a harder time selecting from the excellent entries. We honed in on the entries that stood out by showing us not just technology packages but insight into digital signage and Digital Out of Home Best Practices.”, said David Keene, Executive Editor at NewBay Media.

Integrating Dynamic NFC with the Audience digital signage solution, allows users to ‘take away’ more information from messages displayed on digital signage with a simple tap of their NFC enabled phone, automatically opening a web page associated with the message displayed on screen.

The page could be a discount coupon with bar code, a sign-up form for a loyalty program, more detail on the product being displayed or even a link to an app download, while the number of NFC ‘impressions’ can be tracked on a display by display, and ad by ad basis, providing proof of performance reports.

The product utilizes small, inexpensive NFC tag stickers that don’t require power, internet connections, or even a connection to the digital signage playback device. Thus, they can be located anywhere.

This is the second year Capital Networks has been honored with a DIGI Award after winning the Judges Choice category in 2013 for the Audience for Android solution which introduced a high performance, low cost, android based media player and software bundle to the digital signage market.

Capital Networks will officially announce the release of, the latest addition to the Audience software platform, at DSE 2014 in Las Vegas – February 12-13.

For further information, please contact Jim Vair, Vice President Business Development. T: 905 946-1122 ext 231.

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