Access Control Displays

real-time people counting.

Efficiently and effectively control the number of people in your environment with automated digital access control.

In partnership with Axis Communications, our advanced access control solution is configured to relay data to strategically placed screens, which then display real-time cautionary messages and optional audible warnings when capacity of the area is met.

Screens are configured to automatically display “Stop” or “Go” messaging based on the current traffic within specific locations and access points. Trigger levels are easily updated to correspond with current restrictions.

Screen content and messaging can be customized for individual facilities or specific departments within the facility.

Safer spaces through easy automation

  • Easy to operate. (owner)
  • Easy to understand. (viewer)
  • Automated signage reduces need for enforcement and frees up staff.
  • Real-time automation ensures Stop/Go messaging is always based on current traffic.
  • Capacity triggers are easily updated based on current and constantly changing restrictions (unlike print).
  • Capable of optional audio alerts.
  • Operators have the ability to bypass automation and manually trigger content using their mobile device.
  • Stop/Go messaging can be run in tandem with facility branding and content.

flexible. scalable. efficient.

Start with this simple digital signage package, but when the time comes that access control is no longer a priority, it can be easily converted to more relevant applications – while maintaining your existing investment.

Current displays can be reformatted to include additional content in combination with access control information or can be completely repurposed as focused marketing or communication tools.