Digital Greeters

Live 2-Way Video chat

Our digital greeter solution offers a safe, effective and efficient means of interactive communication for both staff and visitors of venues in a wide variety of verticals.

When not engaged, facility branding and general content is displayed along with clear messaging inviting visitors to step forward. Motion detection alerts the back-of house attendant to activate the 2-way video chat when a visitor approaches the screen.

The attendant is then able to provide requested information through both conversation and content triggered to display on-screen, with a single attendant able to monitor multiple displays throughout multiple facilities.

Providing a truly interactive experience, all content posted to the screen is available for download to the visitor’s mobile device using dynamic NFC and QR code technology…

…literally enabling visitors to walk away with the information displayed on-screen.

Provide a safe and efficient visitor experience

  • Offers a truly interactive digital experience.
  • Requested content is available for download to mobile devices.
  • Dynamic NFC and QR code technology allows for a touchless interactive experience. 
  • Less physical interaction provides a safer environment for both visitors and staff.
  • Communicates current facility health and safety guidelines to both visitors and staff.
  • Provides LIVE emergency alerts and corresponding procedures.
  • Screens continue to provide a rotation of relevant information to passing traffic when not actively engaged.

flexible. scalable. efficient.

Our highly scalable solutions offer businesses the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as properties grow and the need for controlled communication increases.