Case Studies and Downloads

Case Study - City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton needed a way to effectively communicate events and news not only to this diverse and growing community, but to its own city staff as well. They did have some existing outdoor signage from various suppliers that had gone into disrepair over the years, but they were mismatched solutions and there was no clear way to fix the problem.

Case Study - City of Medicine Hat

The City of Medicine Hat turned to digital signage as an alternative to the existing static signage already in use, beginning with the selection of a proven digital signage partner, Capital Networks. What followed was a hand in hand process of looking at each city venue as a stand-alone project, but doing so under the umbrella of a content management system that would be common to all the community locations.

Case Study - City of greater sudbury

In need of a digital signage solution to better serve their growing needs, the City of Greater Sudbury converted an existing signage platform to Capital Networks' Audience™ platform, chosen for its flexibility in configuration, ability to use non-proprietary hardware, and availability of 24/7 technical support.

Editorial - comparing ad-based and info-based digital signage

While advertising applications for retail and food services are certainly needed, some of the fastest growing applications are in corporations, education, municipalities, and healthcare with employee or public facing networks.

In this document we review the benefits and uses of each option as well as the importance of the Content Management System that powers them both.

1-pager - keeping emergency services updated with digital signage

First Responders have unique communication needs in the workplace. Staff movement, rotating schedules and shifting responsibilities make the distribution of information a challenge resulting in confusion, frustration and inefficiency. A centrally managed digital signage network provides a practical solution.