Emergency Services: Keeping Members Updated with Digital Signage

First responders have unique communication needs in the workplace. Staff movement, rotating schedules and shifting responsibilities make the distribution of information a challenge resulting in confusion, frustration and
inefficiency. A centrally managed digital signage network provides a practical solution.

With a coordinated digital signage strategy, individual departments can display location specific information within their facility while also receiving important network wide messaging sent from a centrally managed source, ensuring timely and consistent communication.

The benefits of a centrally managed digital signage solution are many:

• A dependable system for sharing information, data, stats and facts
• Enables consistent content to be displayed across multiple locations
• Instantly broadcasts critical bulletins, news, announcements and safety information
• Easily managed content updated with user friendly software
• Potential to expand and network throughout other municipal departments
• Various monitor sizes can be installed in multiple locations for a variety of applications
• Aesthetic and professional appeal compared to traditional tack boards
• Reduces redundant print material and environmental footprint

Digital signage applications in emergency services facilities:

• Real-time emergency alerts
• Important safety bulletins or announcements
• Scheduled meetings and meeting minutes
• Statistics Reports – call volume, training goals, general First Responder stats
• Municipal, department and committee news
• Short and long-term strategic initiatives and progress
• Relevant automated 3rd party newsfeeds
• Weather forecasts and forestry briefings
• Location and status of apparatus in respective locations
• Employee and team recognition
• Messaging to promote health and wellness in the workplace
• Welcome messages for guests/visitors


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