Capital Networks Wins rAVe Award for Interactive Digital Signage at DSE

rAVe [Publications] has announced the winners of the 2015 Digital Signage Champs , recognizing the best new products for the digital signage market introduced at DSE 2015 in Las Vegas, with Analytics, the integrated Dynamic NFC (Near Field Communication) solution introduced by Capital Networks Limited, winning the Best New Interactive Digital Signage Product  award.

Released in 2014, utilizes small, inexpensive NFC tags that allow users to literally “take away” more information from messages displayed on digital signage with a simple tap of their NFC enabled phone.

This year, the newly introduced Analytics goes one step further by allowing the signage operator to track, in real time, mobile user’s engagement on a simple to use web portal that tracks user taps based on content, location, and marketing campaign.

Full release of Analytics is scheduled for Spring 2015.

See a video demo of Analytics in action on the DSE 2015 show floor here:

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