Digital Signage can be an Effective Communication Tool During Emergency Situations

First and foremost, we hope that you, your family and fellow employees are safe and well as we work our way through this pandemic.

2020 a year that started with optimism for the economy has quickly turned to a mood of indecision for business and institutions alike. As we are all looking and listening for any new bit of useful information, all media will be consumed at an even greater rate.

Digital Signage can and will play an extremely important role in disseminating accurate, up to the minute information through many out of home touchpoints. Properly deployed Digital Signage across Municipalities, Campuses, Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Transit, Highways, Airports, Malls and retail is a cost effective way to inform and educate staff and the public.

Corporate information, twitter feeds, and news headlines from authorized sources can be easily automated and delivered to large audiences, helping to make a bad situation better.

Amber alerts, health updates and severe weather warnings are examples of messages that make our society safer and where Digital Signage is extremely helpful and efficient in delivering the correct message at a moments notice.

While there is danger to the public, it is often left to facilities staff to continue to provide continuity. Often civic or institutional staff are not “connected” thus making digital signage the ideal means to keep in touch.

When the pandemic or emergency subsides, it is time to welcome back the public, patrons, clients and patients. There is no better or more efficient means to do it than with location-based Digital Signage. This is especially true on campuses or environments where there are disconnected locations, such as arena’s, sports complexes and libraries.

Stay safe. If there’s anything we can do to help during this tricky time, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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