Not Satisfied With Your Current Digital Signage Solution? We Can Help.

Capital Networks continues its success demonstrating the value of the Audience™ platform to customers who have been running digital signage for a few years but are dissatisfied with either the software platform they have been using, the support they’ve been receiving from their supplier, or both.

Capital Networks recently won a thorough RFP process to replace an existing corporate communications network with a total of 80 uniquely addressable media players.  The customer is intending to reuse existing screens and networking but transition all content management components, including software and media players, to the Audience™ platform.

Through the evaluation process Capital Networks was able to clearly demonstrate that the Audience™ platform exceeds their expectations, and that the Capital Networks team has the expertise to work with them as a partner as they grow and expand their digital signage efforts.

This recent CMS replacement project continues a trend in which Capital Networks wins business with customers who wish to realize the potential of their existing digital signage program but acknowledge that they don’t have the right tools to meet their goals.  Similar recent projects include replacing a corporate communications digital signage network with 220 uniquely addressable media players, a university with 80, and a municipality with over 50.

The experience gained transitioning customers from one CMS to another is valuable. If your organization is needing to transition to a more scalable, flexible and robust digital signage platform, please contact Capital Networks today.


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