Integrated System on Chip Digital Sign Solution

System on Chip (SOC) displays come with all the components and horsepower needed to drive dynamic digital signage presentations without the need for an external media player.

Our Integrated System on Chip Digital Sign Solution, is a powerful performer that reduces the total cost of ownership for digital signage deployments, providing savings in hardware, installation and operating costs.

Both cost effective and easy to install, Audience™.SOC is a popular choice for anyone new to the digital signage market as well as current users looking to expand.

Capital Networks is very proud to be partnered with some of the world’s leading suppliers of SOC displays including LG, NEC, Panasonic, Phillips and Samsung.

All of our solutions are backed by our 3 Year Total Support Plan at no additional cost.


Digital Signage for Corporate Communications Audience Logo

Features Include:

  • Full screen or multizone presentation
  • Live video pass through (HDMI or RF output)
  • Templated graphics and text messaging
  • Data automation with subscription data fields available
  • All browser based content supported
  • Variety of display sizes supported
  • Wifi and Ethernet supported
  • Easy to install/configure
  • Scheduled presentation of external websites including mobile level HTML5
  • Energy efficient
  • And much more...