Digital Signage for Municipalities and Government Facilities
Improve Communications

Digital Signage for Municipalities and Government Facilities

From small towns to big cities, municipalities and government agencies are turning to digital signage as a more effective and efficient method of internal and external communication.


Highly Scalable and Flexible Solutions

From government offices, to libraries and rec centres, municipalities must be able to communicate specific messaging to a variety of departments, often in different geographic locations.

Our Audience™ digital signage solutions are designed specifically to accommodate this challenge, providing scheduling and content control to individual departments while maintaining the ability to post network wide from one central location.

Hotel Signage Meeting Room
Hotel Signage In-Room
Hotel Signage Lobby
Highly scalable and flexible, our solutions offer municipalities the opportunity to go big right out of the gate, or start slow knowing they can easily expand their digital signage network down the line.

  • Welcome visitors
  • Provide building maps and directory information
  • Promote upcoming community events
  • Provide safety messages and emergency alerts
  • Provide real-time updated schedules
  • Entertain and inform with a variety of automated news feeds
  • Improve employee communications
  • Support green initiatives by reducing paper signage