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Enhance Your Viewers's Experience And Improve Engagement Through Mobile Interaction

Enhance your viewers's experience and improve engagement through mobile interaction with Audience.engagement.


Engagement 1


Many digital signage operators are looking to enhance the viewer experience and improve engagement with their audience through mobile interaction. By integrating dynamic NFC and QR code technology with our Audience™ platform viewers can access and easily download on-screen content to their mobile device.

From promo codes and online vouchers to on-site help and corresponding links the Audience.engagement solution literally allows viewers to walk away with additional information related to what they’ve seen on-screen.


Dynamic Interaction

Unlike passive NFC and QR displays, Audience.engagement offers a dynamic solution where corresponding content becomes available for download with each new message displayed on-screen, maximizing both the diversity and amount of content available to the viewer.

Signage operators are able to verify, in real time, mobile user engagement on a simple to use web portal that tracks viewer interaction based on content and location.

Dynamic Interaction
Engagement Benefits

Benefits Include

  • Contactless communication between screen and mobile device
  • User-friendly, non-invasive opt-in experience for the viewer
  • Interactive content engages the audience and encourages participation
  • Direct measurement of viewer response helps operators determine ROI