Digital Signage for Hotels and Conference Halls
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Digital Signage for Hotels and Conference Halls

Within a hotel or conference hall environment there are many different opportunities for digital signage displays including hotel services, daily events, local attractions, airport Info, transit schedules, loyalty promos….and more.

We offer a wide variety of solutions that not only enhance the customer experience, but increase sales and improve staff efficiency by providing relevant information in real-time, including…


Meeting Room Displays

Meeting rooms and conference halls are a valuable commodity within most hotels. Audience™.calendar, our meeting room display solution, provides instant confirmation of room status in public areas and is easily updated via Microsoft or Google calendars.

An important feature of Audience™.calendar is the ability to share information across a network with a variety of displays throughout the facility including the main lobby, elevator waiting areas, exits, entrances and outside individual meeting rooms.

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Custom In-Room Television Channels

With our company roots in the broadcast and cable television industry, we have the tools and experience to assist customers looking to deploy custom in-room TV channels. The ability to display local channel listings combined with hotel services and marketing information, provides a powerful method of communication to your guests.

Keeping all screen communications, including in-room channels and public digital signage displays, within the same operating platform provides a more cost effective solution and assists operators by enabling them to share content and minimize scheduling and staff training efforts.

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