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Digital Signage Solutions

Our Audience™ platform is a proven, powerful, flexible and highly scalable software solution used for the creation and control of digital signage deployments.

Quite simply, this content management system has all the tools required for the creation, scheduling, management and playback of content in any digital signage display. While that doesn’t necessarily set us apart from some of our competitors, our commitment to flexibility and scalability does.


As a long time leader in the digital signage industry, we understand the importance of providing a product that not only meets our clients current needs, but also sets them up for future growth they may not have considered yet.

From advanced to simple presentations, the Audience™ platform has been designed to give our clients tremendous freedom when it comes to choosing player and display options. Our solutions are not mutually exclusive of one another, meaning that our clients have the ability to use one or all of our solutions within a single network, all managed by the same backend software.

From cloud-hosted to premise-based deployments, we’re able to provide valuable insight and assist clients in choosing the appropriate hardware and network architecture to achieve their goals. All of our solutions are backed by our 3 Year Total Support Plan at no additional cost.