MS Windows Based Digital Sign Solution

With roots in the broadcasting / cable TV industries, Audience™.sign is the thoroughbred of the Audience™ software platform and provides the most powerful, flexible solution used to create, control, distribute and display high performance dynamic digital signage.

Able to handle everything from one screen displays to comprehensive worldwide networks with dozens or even hundreds of localized displays, the highly scalable Audience™.sign is the most robust content management system on the market delivering superior, reliable performance.

All of our solutions are backed by our 3 Year Total Support Plan at no additional cost.


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Features Include:

  • Full screen or multizone presentation - up to 70 zones
  • Live video pass through and video in a window
  • Data automation with subscription data available
  • Advanced forward and store content distribution
  • Advanced, real-time scheduling
  • Ability to target and play linked content in multiple zones
  • Flash Support
  • Overlapping zones with alpha
  • As Run logs for content confirmation
  • Real time plugins
  • Ability to control content remotely
  • 3D transitions
  • Runs on Windows on multiple hardware configurations
  • And much more....