Android OS Based Digital Sign Solution

Powered by the Android operating system, and able to take full advantage of our advanced Audience™ content management system, the award winning Audience™.android media player and software bundle provides a high performance, low cost alternative for dynamic digital signage displays.

Designed specifically with scalability in mind, Audience™.android provides a user friendly, cost effective solution to network operators just entering into the digital signage market, as well as established network operators looking to expand existing installations.

All of our solutions are backed by our 3 Year Total Support Plan at no additional cost.


MS Windows Based Solution Andriod Audience Logo
Capital Networks Hospital Digital Display
Capital Networks Marketing Digital Display
Capital Networks Company Digital Display

Features Include:

  • Full screen or multizone presentation
  • Display Video / Images / Graphics / Text / Crawls
  • Video in a window supported
  • Data automation with subscription data available
  • Advanced, real-time scheduling
  • Ability to target and play linked content in multiple zones
  • Up to 1080p supported
  • Command and control for emergency alerts
  • As Run logs for content confirmation
  • Real time plugins
  • Ability to control content remotely
  • Hosted and premise-based solutions available
  • And much more....