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Audience 4.2

Support for the Matrox X.264io HD SDI broadcast graphics card

  • HD / SD SDI input and output with embedded Stereo 48KHz audio
  • Resolutions and Frame Rates supported:
    • 480i / 29.97, 30 (NTSC)
    • 576 / 25 (PAL)
    • 720p / 50, 59.94, 60
    • 1080i / 25, 29.97, 30
    • 1080p / 24
  • Genlock to external analogue NTSC or PAL blackburst,
    or, incoming SDI video
  • Stereoscopic Side By Side capable

* / required

Support for multiple plug-ins within a page


* required


  • TCPSend
    Opens a socket to a remote device at a specified URL:Port and sends a string to it.
  • S3000control
    Sends commands to the DataVideo se3000 production switcher, including input switching with transitions, 3D DVE position, size, and rotation, as well as turning the 3D DVE on and off.
  • MailMsg
    Sends an email to a specified address with a specified message. Useful for notifying people if a page in a default magazine plays because of lack of content in higher priority magazines.
  • Heartbeat
    Writes a specified filename to a specified location. Useful for monitoring if content created from data services is stale.
  • SelectDates
    Allows multiple pages to play or not play according to the dates listed in the plugin. This is a quick way to apply a set of dates to multiple pages all at once.
  • TargetExpire
    Will prevent a target page from being called after a specified date. Useful in Real Estate applications for expiring Open House banners.

* Audience.plugins required

Command and Control scripts web page

A new web page generated by Audience.playback that displays buttons of all command and control scripts that are present on the playback. Clicking the button on the web page interface executes the command and control script. It includes optional password protection. The page can be viewed either over a local LAN or the Internet at http://PlaybackNameOrIP/scripts:9000.

* Audience.playback.sign /

Support for Google Chrome browser

Same functionality as Internet Explorer can be configured to launch either Chorme or IE

* Audience.playback.web / Audience Guardian required

Visually seamless zone refresh

Zone refreshes no longer briefly display the zone background

* Audience.playback.web / Audience Guardian required

Billboard mobile UI

Automatically detects mobile devices (phones/tablets) browsers, and re-formats billboard UI into a browser friendly resolution and configuration. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and all Android phone and tablet browsers.

* Audience.billboard required

Playlist Control

Administrators can now edit the playlist of a category (magazine), including the ability to re-arrange the order, duplicate pages, and remove pages from the playlist.

* Audience.billboard required

Social buttons for Facebook and Twitter

Buttons for Facebook like and Twitter tweet show up on posts when viewing in Billboard. Users can click the buttons to like or tweet the URL of the post.

* Audience.billboard required

Twitter Publishing

A twitter account can be tied to Billboard, so that all posts made in Billboard are automatically tweeted to the specified account. Advanced Template Configuration editing.

* Audience.billboard required

Advanced Template Configuration editing

  • An advanced UI for editing all Billboard specific parameters of a template, including adding new administration input fields
  • Input fields can be re-ordered
  • Input fields can be made mandatory or non mandatory
  • Type checking, such as numeric only, phone number, etc can be applied to fields

* Audience.billboard required

Audience 4.1

Stereoscopic 3D Output

  • Full screen or in-zone playback of side by side encoded video clips complete with transition effects and graphic/animation overlays
  • Side by side encoded animations
  • True 3D stereo rendering of Audience 3D effects including zones in perspective, 3D transitions and 3D objects

Local Rendering Capability

New stand alone rendering module that can be added to Audience.billboard or Audience.playback to add local rendering capability.

* Audience.render required

Support for Matrox DSX LE/100 under Windows 7

  • Matrox DSX LE/100 is a single-card video/audio/graphics platform that brings several features to the Audience platform including:
  • Digital video input and output
  • Analog video input and output
  • Master/genlockable video time base
  • AES/EBU inputs and outputs
  • Embedded audio inputs and outputs (balanced and unbalanced)
  • 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio support
  • Layered zones
Audience 4.0

Audience 4 New Features PDF

Audience 4.0 is Microsoft Windows 7 supported


3D Effects

Audience now supports 3-D transitions that can rotate a zone on the x or y axis, and any angle, or map graphics, video or mng files onto a 3-D object such as a cylinder, cube or sphere.

Single/Double Transitions

You can now fade to black or zoom up and down by assigning a single transition to the the page. The transition affects how the previous page ends, and how the current page begins without having to alter the transitions on both pages.

Gate Transition

A new regular transition that swings the page like a gate door. Transition direction determines which edge is “hinged” (Top,Bottom, Left and Right).

HD MPEG2/MPEG4 Support

H.264, MOV and MP@HL MPEG2 video file playback in both SD and HD up to 720p resolutions. Audience uses the Quicktime engine to play MPEG4 files.

Looping MPEG’s

You can now easily create a full screen video background that continuously loops. If the video fits on the VGA card's memory, it will load there, saving system resources. The looping function also works in normal pages, not just full screen background pages.

MNG Animation

Broadcast quality 30fps animation files with 8 bit alpha channel. Both looping and play-once options. MNG Animation files are created automatically by dragging and dropping a graphic image sequence (discrete png/jpg/tga/tif files) into an input directory.


A powerful new scheduling option that allows you to target specific playbacks by location, demographic, area, etc. Create an unlimited number of ad-hoc playback groups quickly without modifying the scheduling structure. Assign keywords to playbacks as well as to pages, and those pages play only on those specific playbacks.

Full alpha channel flash support

Flash with alpha channel is now supported on all Audience systems (DSX, Sign and Web). Flash files with ActionScript, especially those that require user interaction or that read data from a source outside the playback computer are not supported.

Create scheme of multiple playbacks at once

With ScreenWizard you can now create a scheme that includes more than one playback.


A new type of member privilege - Screeners can approve/edit/delete messages posted in specific magazines to which the screener has been assigned special privileges.

* Audience.billboard required

Email notification of new posts

Email notification to administrators and screeners when new posts from un-trusted members are ready to be screened.

* Audience.billboard required

Assignable templates

Members can now have templates specifically assigned to them in each magazine.

* Audience.billboard required

Audience.web in Screen Saver Mode

Displays the Audience.web page in full screen mode as a screen saver.

* Audience.web required