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The latest version of the Audience platform. More powerful than ever and packed with features based on 23 years of customer feedback and support.

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The Audience software platform provides all the tools you need to create, manage and play out dynamic digital signage displays as well as fully automated, multi-zone channels for broadcast and cable TV.

From simple, very affordable, one screen displays to comprehensive worldwide networks that include dozens or even hundreds of localized shows, the highly scalable Audience platform delivers superior performance using standard PC hardware.

Use combinations of text, graphics, pre-recorded or live video content to inform, entertain and provide the perfect marketing message to any targeted audience. Automated data streams are easily infused ensuring timely content is always on display, with no additional effort.

The intuitive user interface and advanced scheduling and logging options make the creation, distribution and tracking of content a breeze, dramatically reducing the time and cost normally needed to produce and manage high quality, effective displays.

While Audience ships with a full library of pre-created templates ready to use right out of the box, it also comes packaged with a graphic interface giving users the ability to produce highly customized designs.

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Getting started with Audience

What you'll need

This is the core content creation, design, management system for digital signage, broadcast and cable television applications. Presentations created with can be webcast, broadcast or used for digital signage on any display device including LCD, Plasma, large LED displays, and projectors up to full HD resolution.

What you'll want


This is an optional program that allows authorized users to create, edit and delete content remotely over internet or intranet simply by accessing a website. Gain greater flexibility by allowing users to easily add and edit content, while avoiding the expense of loading proprietary software on multiple workstations.


An optional program that automatically creates a web page version of each playback you create, which can be used for digital displays, screen savers and touch screen applications.

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Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

At Capital Networks, we're committed to providing and supporting products and services of the highest quality. It isn't lip service. It's not a gimmick. It's very simple. If our products don't do what we say they will, we'll give you your money back.

Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

3 Year Total Support

When you buy Audience software you're backed by our 3 Year Total Support Plan, providing access to our technical support team at no extra cost. While our competition may disagree, we feel our customers deserve this additional peace of mind. No onerous contracts. No barriers to support. Just prompt, professional service and support, guaranteed.

3 Year Total Support

24/7 One-On-One Technical Support

Your purchase of Audience software gives you full access to our knowledgeable and committed technical support team. We've been offering personalized assistance for 23 years, ensuring that our clients enjoy seamless updates and successful launch dates. Day or night, by email and phone, our clients benefit from the confidence of knowing that help is always available just when it's needed the most.

24/7 One-On-One Technical Support