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NAIT Uses Audience to Expand Campus Digital Signage Information System

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is a post-secondary education learning center providing instruction to more than 84,400 students each year, making it the largest apprenticeship trainer in Canada. With such a large number of courses and locations students would frequently have trouble locating their classes on time, using the web-based scheduling system previously used on campus.

NAIT saw an opportunity to establish a digital signage information display system as a solution to providing its students with up-to-the minute class scheduling information. The system included a network of LCD screens and a client-driven content message system deployed at various heavily trafficked locations throughout its main campus and two satellite campuses. To coordinate content creation and delivery to the information display system, a complete Audience software suite was utilized.

Since its September 2008 installation the Audience based system has been in constant use and has been well received by students and staff.

Carl Enright, director of the NAIT continuing education program, says because of its popularity, its original use has expanded from just class start times and locations to an all-purpose student communication system which includes news, scores, exam schedules and has become part of the NAIT Security Alert campus system.

The communication system has also physically grown from its original 9 LCD displays to 13 campus locations.

As for the effectiveness of NAIT's current digital signage system, Enright said, “Prior to the IDS installation, our department handled many student complaints, primarily Where is my classroom? Now with this digital sign system in place, this year to date we only handled about six complaints, which is incredible.“

Download the complete case study regarding NAIT's use of Audience on campus

About NAIT

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is a post-secondary education learning center offering more than 250 programs, including 35 apprenticeship trades, and more than 1,400 continuing education courses. NAIT is the largest apprenticeship trainer in Canada with nine schools spread over three cumpuses, and provides course-specific instruction to more than 84,400 students each year.