Press Release

London Convention Centre Installs Digital Signage Network Powered by Audience Software

In the London Convention Centre there was a need to efficiently and effectively present meeting room information to attendees of the center. This information includes companies that have bookings for the day, individual events for each company, room location and meeting times.

To display this information a digital signage network of LCD and Plasma displays were used in the main lobby, elevator waiting areas, exits, entrances and outside individual meeting rooms.

The screens consist of 22 different digital signage displays and 17 unique content presentations powered by the Audience software platform responsible for content creation and management.

Authorized Audience Reseller, Edcom Multimedia Products was responsible for implementing the new digital signage network which needed to include the following features:

  • Flexible scheduling capabilities for page and magazine scheduling including time and date ranges
  • Ability to share content across multiple playbacks
  • Contentious scheduling model to accommodate special events and emergency information

All information displayed on the digital signage screens is automatically generated from a data base program that the London Convention Centre uses to manage their meeting room bookings. Gary Cain, Production Manager for Huge Ideas (a division of Edcom Multimedia) explains “Once an event is entered in the London Convention Centre database, Audience does the rest, so no further employee action is required”.

Individual playbacks for each room display a list of upcoming events for that room, plus the current event. If there are no events scheduled for that room that day, a series of promotional pages for the convention centre show in place of event information.

About London Convention

Located in London, Ontario the London Convention Centre has over 70,000 square feet of meeting, conference and exhibition space with the ability to host groups of up to 3000 people.