Press Release

CoopTel Launches IPTV Service Using Audience

CoopTel, “Quebec's only telecommunications cooperative” has launched three new video channels as well as a new in-house corporate digital display using the Audience platform. The new Advertising, Community TV and General Information channels were officially launched on April 1, 2009 and are being distributed to CoopTel's new IPTV customers.

Through a variety of templates, a mix of branding, advertising, news and community information are displayed using both video and static formats. The overall design, scheduling and content management duties for all four applications are provided by a single master Audience workstation.

Based in Valcourt, Quebec, CoopTel's mission is to offer diversified and dependable telecommunications products and services, evolving to meet the needs of its clients and at competitive prices thanks to the contribution of evolving technologies and competent and involved partners.

About CoopTel

CoopTel offers diversified and dependable telecommunications products and services and is Quebec's only telecommunications cooperative.