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The Client

Peel Regional Police is the second largest municipal police service in Ontario after the Toronto Police Service and the third largest municipal force in Canada behind Toronto and Montreal, with 2,000 uniformed officers and a support staff of 800. The force serves the more than 1,200,000 citizens of Mississauga and Brampton, located west of Toronto, as well as the Pearson International Airport, which serves more than 32 million travelers each year.

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The Project

Peel Regional Police announced the deployment of a new digital signage communications network to be installed in 5 divisions and up to 8 community stations in fall 2010.

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The project was initiated as a means to enhance internal communications as well as public relations. Because of this Peel Police needed the ability to control both a public facing channel and a back-of-house internal channel. Bulletins containing internal content are broadcast to officers via LCD screens deployed throughout staff only areas. Alternate content is displayed on screens installed in public areas and includes building and community relations information.

The difficulty arises when messages need to be routed to particular screens based on factors that include screen location and the relative importance of the message (with emergency messaging always being higher priority than general content). Consisting of several divisions, Peel Regional Police required a main show for the entire force, while also having the ability to run individual shows with customized content in each of the divisions. All divisions, for example, would get a message relating to an Amber Alert or a wanted person, while messages related to a particular division would only go to that division (or a group of divisions in certain cases).

Audience Software Solution

The Audience software platform was designed with this very type of installation in mind. The fact that the Audience platform provides scheduling and content control to individual departments while maintaining the ability to post network wide, real time emergency messaging from one centralized location was key.

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The Audience platform gives officers the ability to enter a message and have it distributed over a very wide field in a timely manner. The signage is consequently extremely valuable because it not only features general network wide messaging but also can feature hyper-local messaging, with both types of message being created, distributed and displayed using the one system.

And because Audience operates on a contentious or competitive scheduling model as opposed to a timeline-based model, shows can be set with predetermined rules to ensure high priority messaging will always take precedence over general day to day content.

The Results

The Audience software platform at Peel Regional Police is called PRP TV, an over-arching communications medium that provides staff with timely, accurate and dynamic information. This information is coordinated with the organization's other communication tools including the Intranet, weekly newsletter and e-mail system.

Peel Regional Police screenshot 04

Taufic Saliba, Staff Sergeant - Peel Regional Police comments: “Staff reception of the PRP TV system has been very favourable, with unsolicited content being sent to Corporate Communications for broadcast on the system. This new tool provides strengthened internal communication and employee engagement.”